General Information

Dealer's Den

In the Dealers' Den artists and dealers from all over the world sell all kinds of furry related art, prints, sketches, books, comics, t-shirts, and all different kinds of merchandise for your daily furry life. They also offer various other goods like selfmade liqueur, honey, sweet treats, jewelry, leather crafts, or searched the world for great books and comics to bring to Eurofurence. Meet your favorite artist or just roam around and get yourself inspired.

Please note that some artists offer theme-related or Eurofurence-exclusive goods that you may not be able to obtain anywhere else.

At our Eurofurence Shop you can get old EF Shirts and other leftovers. Missed a design? Ask what sizes are still in stock.

Setup/teardown times (dealers only):

Opening times:

Den/Artshow Party

PARTY! Dealers' Den and Art Show will hold their reception, where we open the doors between these two rooms for all the artists, dealers, and staff members to get together and chat about art and other things over a beer or a glass of "tea". You are invited to take a look around in the Dealers' Den and the Art Show unhurriedly.