About Eurofurence

Dealers' Den

The Dealers' Den provides a point-of-sale for artists and dealers who are offering all kind of furry related merchandise. Artists for example offer their services with sketches, con badges, little drawings or full coloured artwork, they sell high quality prints, self published comic books and all kind of little things with their art and handwriting on in. Some artists specialized on sewing and costume building offer pre-made costume parts, self made plushies and display their portfolio for commissions later on. Dealers and merchants offer a wide variety of either self made or designed goods like t-shirts, leather crafting, soaps, sweet treats and liqueur, or offer books and plushies from lager brands. The Dealers' Den team itself runs the Eurofurence Shop on site which offers all the leftovers earlier Eurofurences, mostly t-shirts.

The Dealers' Den also maintains the Artist Alley - a point of sale in the public area where mainly artists have the opportunity to sit down and offer their skills in a more flexible way. Since there is no registration needed the Alley is meant to be an area where artists and customers get together spontaneously - first come, first serve.

The Dealers' Den Team makes sure that everything from preparations and registration for the Den, the seating situation, to the point of sales itself (including set up and break down of tables and power sockets) works out smoothly for the artists, dealers and customers. We are also the contact persons for the artists and dealers during the convention to all kind of departments like Con Ops and Security if there might be any problems need to be solved. We also host all kind of minor services like a PC with scanner or a get together party for artists, dealers and staff members together with the Art Show Team.

At the moment the Dealers' Den team is not looking for help, but times are changing, especially at the convention, so don't hesitate to ask if they need help.

The required time depends on the job you have within the team - most of the work has to be done in advance, like registration forms, seating plans, e-mails, artwork for the conbook and door signs, handouts etc. On site it is about two hours of set up on Wednesday and three for the cleaning on Sunday, or additional Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 11:00 to 19:00 within the Den in the Eurofurence Shop.

If you want to be a part of the Dealers' Den team, then contact: Alpha_Ki via dealers@eurofurence.org.