How Does It Work

Always show your badge to your waiter/waitress before your order and ask for the Eurofurence Partner Special.

As in the years before, we have created a Eurofurence partner program with the local gastronomy. Your badge is your personal key to many special offers in bars and restaurants close to the Estrel.

If you show it to your waitress/waiter before placing your order, they will know that you are entitled to their special offer. It is also a kind way to make it easier for them, because changing an electronic bill afterwards is a lot of trouble for busy staff.

Every year the number of our partners is increasing. Our partners understand that we are valuable guests and customers, and continue to welcome us happily. Show them that the furry community returns this sentiment. Be the friendly, cheerful and open-minded guests they were expecting and enjoy your stay and their specials.

To help you find your way around town, we are happy to provide you with a map of the area inside this guide, along with all partners and deals.