About Eurofurence



Starting at Eurofurence 6 in the year 2000, a small number of people gathered to create a skit and playback based one hour show inspired by the puppet shows at US Furry conventions.

Originally planned as a one-shot event the production was well-received by the audience, so the team decided to continue and experiment with the idea. Adding characters and storyline the show evolved into one of the larger stage events at Eurofurence.

About us

In the beginning it was just a handful of people, today we are a group of more than 30 volunteers working together to create a story-based, drama/action/comedy filled show for mature audiences. Resembling a makers workshop we use our different skills to create puppets, backgrounds, props, special effects, music, script and so on to make this production become reality. Contrary to our beginnings, all of our puppets on stage nowadays are built by our puppet creators, making each of them unique. We share the passion for theatrical productions and some of our goals include a good storyline, convincing characters and situations that astonish the audience.

If you want to be a part of the Pawpetshow team, the contact: Cheetah via cheetah@tigress.com.