About Eurofurence


Every year, the stage team comes up with a new design for all bigger stages at the Eurofurence, like the main- and club stage. Our mission is to plan, build and operate all Eurofurence stages. Involved in this process are many people and when everything works well you might hardly notice them at all.

Jaryic and Kamikaze

Backoffice and Stage Secretary:

Stage Technicians:
Boltee, Djem, Dragi, Furball, garra, Kruemel, Luchs, MafunDi, Reesa, Royen, Sternchen, Tretron, Tsanawo

As soon as one EF is over, the planning for next one already started. With an after con meeting at the last day we try to improve our work every year. During stage team meetings throughout the year we come up with new ideas and concepts that fit the theme of the upcoming EF. Exchanging knowledge and ideas is vital for this. Assigning tasks and making time schedules is also done during stage meetings.

Operator, Programmer, Event Manager, Stage Manager and Backstage Manager are some of the roles that need to be staffed for every event. You don't need to have knowledge about stage work to be a part of the stage team, as long as you are eager to learn and get excited about event technology. You do? – Then you are a good fit to work with us.

Most of the stage equipment is supplied by a professional rental company, which we work together with for several years.

The Main Stage is setup by the rental company. As soon as the setup is finished, our work starts. Programming of light-, laser- and sound-consoles is done by senior team members who are specialized in their departments or work as event technicians. They are assisted and operated by those who want to gather deeper knowledge in the particular field of work.

At Eurofurence, we host a wide spectrum of stage events. From game-shows to concerts to dances and the well-known Pawpet-Show: Everything is made possible and assisted by the stages team. We connect the artists with technology so they can deliver the best performance possible.

We are working with professional sound, light and video equipment so here are some basic job requirements:

Sounds good? Want to become a part of the team? Then contact garra via stage@eurofurence.org or visit the Main Stage during the Eurofurence and talk to us.