About Eurofurence

Art Show

The name says it all: We run the Eurofurence Art Show. The Art Show presents exhibits by all manner of artists and facilitates the sales between participating artists, agents and attendees interested in purchasing a piece.

However, the Art Show Team does far more than meets the eye: Apart from the regular opening hours of the exhibition, there are setup hours where the panels and tables are prepared, preparation hours where the artists or agents hang their exhibits, accounting hours where the Art Show team enters bids in the database, selling hours where buyers can pick up purchased art, and naturally the famous Stage Auction.

And all of this is just done at the con itself - in addition, before the convention we register artists, distribute panels, build new panel hardware, and care for the technical equipment and applications involved in the Show.

The Art Show handles much of the Charity services too: Charity is partaking in the Auction, has its own panels and tables at the Art Show, and makes use of Art Show database and sales service to get its exhibits processed.

Besides having two Directors to run various aspects of the Show, we employ a small dedicated team of core staffers. The two directors share responsibilities before and during the convention; from the application process through database maintenance and logistics. Each individual team member has their own field of expertise; manning the front desk, handling sales, performing photography, or entering data at the auction.

To alleviate the huge amount of work which comes with the task of processing over a thousand exhibits, we rely on the help of dedicated volunteers and temporary staff. Much of the work concentrates on certain times: setup, accounting, auction, and sales are the critical crunch times, while the actual opening times do not present a special challenge to the team.

Covering these rush hour work times is only possible by dynamically adapting the team. The runners during the sales are, for example, guest volunteers. Other helpers are borrowed from other departments. But beyond temporary helpers, we are also seeking to expand the permanent core team to meet the coming challenges of a still-growing Art Show, and we're welcoming applicants.

What we all share is a dedication for the creative roots of our fandom in both two dimensional picture from and three dimensional sculpt or show piece. We also have some deep rooted connections to our fellow creators who wish to share and show off their pride pieces to the public. Many of us have a background in the arts ourselves, and some of us have remained contributing artists to the community we serve. Thus we can fully empathise with the needs and necessities of both artist and their agents or our clients wanting to buy the piece they have grown to be fond of.

Working at the Art Show is quite rewarding, as it is a service within the creative heart of the furry idea. Supporting our own talented artists and being able to supply original furry works is what sets our fandom apart from franchise-based fandoms, and we are providing this service with pride.

Skills desired to become an Art Show team member:

If you want to be a part of the Art Show Team, then contact: Cairyn via artshow@eurofurence.org or speak to the staff guys in the Art Show during the convention.