General Information

Art Show

This year's Art Show again presents a multitude of international artists. See your favorites, bid on whatever you like, and buy art for your home!

A separate registration is needed for bidding to get bid stickers.

You will have a final chance at bidding in the Art Show closing. Here it will be determined who will make the final offer on a piece of art - or whether, perhaps, a contested piece goes to auction. Important: The closing is a fast and decisive event. You need to have bid stickers at hand to participate, so we can avoid crowding the show area with spectators. Bid stickers will only be available until 30 minutes before the closing. During the closing, we will not hand out new stickers, so make sure you have enough to place your final bids.

In the voice auction, you will have to defend your selection against other prospective buyers. Please note that this year's auction starts earlier than in previous years.

Bids must be placed in Euros, and paid in cash on site.

Look out for more information at the Art Show and read the bulletin boards for last-minute details!

Setup times (artists only):

Opening times:


Art & Charity auction (Main stage):

Art pickup:

Artists' Payout