Fursuit Lounge

Like every year, EF has a dedicated Fursuit Lounge, intended for fursuiters only. It's mostly used as a changing room, but also to take a short rest, rehydrate, dry/clean/brush fursuits, or simply have a chat with fellow fursuiters.

Dear time travellers,

Do you need to refill your flux capacitors? Do you want to give your police box a nice new lick of blue paint? Do you need a place to hide from that girl absolutely smitten with you, and who is several years younger than you but is also your great-grandmother? Look no further, we've got your back!

This document describes information regarding the "Fursuit Lounge". As the name suggests, it's a room intended for fursuiters only. It's mostly used as a changing room, but also to take a short rest, rehydrate, eat some much-needed sugar and salt, dry / clean / brush fursuits, or simply have a chat with fellow fursuiters.

Space-time coordinates

On the macro-level, you can find the Eurofurence 25 Fursuit Lounge in the year 2019, following the then-standard Gregorian calendar, as described in ISO 8601 and 80000-3 Annex C. You may find it useful to know that this timespan falls between timestamps 1546300800 and 1577836799. This should give you enough time to get accustomed to the time period. For micro-level time information, please refer to the opening times section of this document. The location is inside the EF 25 convention hotel – the Estrel in Berlin – which can be found at coordinates +52.4736275+13.4588496/ (see ISO 6709). Please note that entry using time traveling devices was not yet supported at this time. However, a large area of unused construction ground was available nearby until 2041.

Once inside the Estrel, you can find the lounge at the far north end of the location: through the round glass section with checkerboard pattern known as "The Rotunda", down the stairs, through the glass doors, then right after a few dozen metres (SI). Should you have any issues, simply follow either the large stream of fursuiters, or the noise from the main stage close by!

Once you arrive, please be aware of the rules as described in the Rules section of this document.

Features offered during the time period

While rather primitive by modern standards, the Fursuit Lounge did the best with what they had available at the time. Features included free liquids and some minor food items for anyone coming in fursuit, mirrors and clocks, as well as an assortment of various "fans" and "pipe monsters".

The fans were used for cooling down: personal air conditioning was not yet invented. Because they were very large and noisy (and very expensive for that time), there was sadly only a limited amount available. Please do not stand too close, but instead keep a bit of distance from them! This way, multiple people can use them at the same time.

The "pipe monsters" were simple yet effective constructions that used similar fans, but directed the air through pipes to dry the various parts of fursuits. Use was free, but as both time and space were in very limited supply before time manipulation, it is very important that you try to limit use of them to a minimum. Once parts of your outfit are dry, please remove them from the constructions, or local Fursuit Lounge staff may be required (and are authorized) to do this for you.

Speaking of Fursuit Lounge staff; the locals are very friendly and will always try to help you to the best of their abilities. Additionally, they will be thankful when informed about any issues. As described in International Time-Travel Law: please do not feed them, tell them winning lottery numbers, take them home to your time period, or otherwise disturb the space-time continuum in any illegal way. If you have any trouble finding a Fursuit Staff member, please look for people wearing red caps. When in doubt, or an emergency occurs, security can always be found at the entrance of the lounge.

In case of Untimely Emergencies

Should you not be able to make the full trip to the Fursuit Lounge proper, there is a backup option: the "Headless Area". This can be found near the hotel lobby's Large Gallery. While not as fully equipped, it is the perfect place for a quick checkup of the batteries in your time-travel helmet (which we suggest you disguise as a fursuit head for this occasion). Or, of course, to just drink some water and cool down a bit.


To make the fursuiters' stay in the Fursuit Lounge and Headless Area as convenient as possible, please respect the following rules:

Opening times

The main Fursuit Lounge is located near the main stage, close to the dances and events. You can find all our services and plenty of space here. The Lounge will be locked at night.

It is open every convention day from 09:00 to 02:00 the next day, or whenever in the morning the last event of the day ends. The headless area will be accessible around the clock. On Sunday please remove all your costumes from the fursuit dryers by noon, as we are going to break everything down in the afternoon.

Please understand that we can't provide the full service on early arrival or dead-dog day.