General Information

Artists Alley

You are an artist, but never thought about applying for the Dealers' Den? Then the Alley might be yours to start with. No applying, just catch a table: "First come, first served".

Whenever there is an empty table, feel free to sit down and offer your service with sketches, badges, prints and a smile. If you don't feel like it any more or got enough work to do to fill some time, another artist might be interested in the table. Please also check bulletins for updated information.

Only disadvantage: due to German law, selling adult material in public areas is strictly forbidden.

"Self-Promotion" / Table Registration

If you claimed a table in the Artist Alley, you can announce your presence on our official Telegram and Twitter feeds! If you wish to do this:

  1. Install Eurofurence Mobile App if you haven't done so yet. (If you're reading this within the app right now, you can obviously skip this step!)
  2. Login with your registration details.
  3. Tap on "Additional Services" in the menu/navigation bar.
  4. Tap on "Artist Alley", then on "Table Registration".
  5. Fill out the registration form and provide a picture (if you don't have one you can also just take one right on the spot!), and submit it. Done!

After being reviewed, your presence in the Artist Alley will be announced on our official Telegram and Twitter channels, using the information and image you provided. If you claim a table again on any other day of the convention, you can easily just re-submit your last registration again for another signal boost!