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Fursuit Gameshow

The gameshow department is responsible for planning and operating the fursuit gameshow at EF. This involves finding new and revamped games for the suiters to play, building props, testing the games, communicating with the involved departments (programming, stage, security) to get all the locations and timeslots sorted out.

The main idea is to add the "show" to the "games". Most conventions only are doing "fursuit games", which is fun but usually only mildly entertaining to watch. We strive to add some interesting aspects to all games that we are putting on stage. The best ideas however sometimes fail in reality, even after trying them out several times. The show is a "one-off" kind of a deal, so we always expect some "issues" which require fast troubleshooting capabilities.

We are usually looking for helpers in the backstage area: moving props on and off stage, getting fursuiters ready for their cue and sometimes helping during a game - as spotters and/or "living props", depending on the game.

We are planning everything out way before the convention and need helpers who will be available online at least some weeks before EF so we can go through the show and games and everybody knows the props, games and can start to learn their cues. We don't get rehearsal time at EF!

If you are interested in helping out, please contact: Atkelar via fsgs@eurofurence.org.