Our Security & Medic Team

Your safety is important to Eurofurence, so our security team is on duty for you around the clock. The team consists of professionals and volunteers alike - all of them furries themselves and all of them unpaid. We provide qualified medical and security service to all attendees, 24 hours a day, throughout the entire convention. If you need any help, have concerns, need medical assistance or simply have a question: do not hesitate to contact us! If you are more comfortable talking to a security officer of a specific gender, just ask.

And please report issues as soon as possible and not after the convention - we would rather reassure attendees in the case of a false alarm than miss incidents!

How to recognize us

All members of the security service team wear either a shirt or an armband with our official "Eurofurence Security" or "Convention Security" logos. Additionally, they have an official security badge on a blue lanyard reading "Eurofurence Security". Anyone without this combination is not a member of our team.

Our security officers roam the convention and are on duty at many locations around the hotel, such as the Art Show or the camp fire and even though some of them might look intimidating with all their equipment, do not forget that they are all furries themselves. They take their job seriously, not themselves!

So don't be shy - come and say hi!