Fursuit Badge Pick-up and Printing

Your personal fursuit badge is not only a nice souvenir for your character; it is your access key to enter the Fursuit Lounge when not wearing a fursuit. In suit, you can always enter the lounge. You do not need more than one badge, even if you have several suits.

Please make sure you already checked in at the Eurofurence Registration Desk, before coming to the fursuit badge station. Our desk can be found just outside the room with Registration Desk / before the rotunda and you can pick up your badge during service hours.

Since there have been cases of people trying to get fursuit badges just to gain access to the fursuit lounge in the past, we will have to ask you to bring the head of your fursuit along when you come to pick up your fursuit badge. That is unless you are coming to pick up your badge in fursuit, of course.

If you pre-registered a fursuit badge, your first badge is free and you can use the fast-lane for pick up. If you forgot to pre-register your badge in time, we can also produce your personal fursuit badge on site. For these and all extra badges, we need to charge you a small fee of 2 Euro per badge.

Service Hours:

Outside our own service hours you will also be able to pick up pre-ordered badges at ConOps (as their opening hours allow).