About Eurofurence

Guest of Honor

Our Responsibilities

Our departments responsibilities include everything from the discussion of suitable guest of honor candidates to taking care of our guests at the convention itself. However most of our tasks have been taken care of month before the convention starts. After introducing Eurofurence to our potential guest, inviting them, and in best case, getting a positive response, rooms and flights need to be booked, events need to planed, information needs to be gathered – all this requires a lot of communication and cooperation with the other departments. In fact, we need to thank all the other departments a lot at this point. Their hard work and dedication makes our job even possible in the first place.

Our Motivation

After the convention is before the convention. Being a staff member means for us that, when the mere endless wait for next year's Eurofurence starts and the PCD hits hard, there is still a bit of Eurofurence going on each week. Weather the regular group chats with the other departments, looking for fitting guests, writing invitations or planning ahead our guests events - it all elevates the mood and never feels like a chore. Having contact with all these creative, nice and amazing people throughout the process is something we would never want to miss. Another great motivation is to get a look behind the scenes. Seeing how the next Eurofurence takes shape, how much work, how many hours of planning and how much creativity is put into everything is a great experience. We are still taking so many things for granted, only to discover later the enormous amount of effort it took to make it run so smoothly. Another enormous motivator is the pride that derives from playing a small role in making the Eurofurence what it is.

Plus, the greatest thing of all is, after greeting a guest arriving at the Estrel, days later at the departure we very often get to say goodbye to a new friend.

If you want to be a part of the Guest of Honor team, then contact: Arahn via r.burkhardt@weserbild.de.