About Eurofurence

Convention Operations

Convention Operations (ConOps) with its 20+ voluntary helpers are one of the first teams arriving on the convention venue. A lot of material and equipment must be in the right place long before even the first guest arrives at the hotel. During the convention, our guests can interact with ConOps personally through the Locker-Service (managed by the security team in the previous years) for storage of valuable luggage or the front office which will be at your service for any requests or problems you might encounter. Behind the scenes, we still manage several tasks. We prepare events and panels, setup and breakdown of equipment, transport and acquire additional materials and much more. After the convention is officially over we are still hard at work. After deconstruction and evaluation, we start planning for the next Eurofurence and react on general requests of attendees throughout the whole year. So, with us you will gain an exceptionally sight behind the scenes and structures of Eurofurence.

We are involved nearly everywhere and help wherever we can.

What's our motivation?

Our motivation is sourced in our excitement in helping others. We enable and relieve others. Our will to help each other is the base of our doings and our passion for EF drives us forwards.


If you have any additional questions feel free to contact Darkwing or CintasFox in the ConOps-Office or via operations@eurofurence.org.

We are looking for:

At the moment, we are looking for additional hands in the following departments:

If you want to join several teams please contact us and we will do our best to find a solution that suits your expectations.