About Eurofurence


The Videoteam at Eurofurence is responsible for the live broadcast and recording of events at the con. We produce the official con highlights video. Our work begins 3 months before the con with acquiring materials for broadcast, planning, testing and scheduling, and ends two months after the con with the release of the highlights video.

During events on the main stage, three cameramen, a live editor and a remote operator work closely together to create a live feed for the big projection screens so even the people in the back rows can see what is happening on the stage, even if it's just monitoring how much wine is left in Uncle Kage's bottle - we will make it visible for you. For this, we operate professional grade HD studio cameras as well as remote controlled ceiling cameras (So-called PTZ cameras) or even GoPro cameras.

Didn't make it down to the stage in time for the event? Worry not, stay in your room and watch the event on your TV. We also broadcast stage events to the hotel TVs on our very own TV station, EF Prime. You can find us on Channel 1. And when there are no stage events going on, tune in anyway. We provide you with fun and entertainment 24/7 during the con.

Another of our tasks is to collect footage from all corners of the con and we mean it. Look under your seat, look above you, one of our cameras may be there. After the convention, we get busy producing the convention highlights video that will be free to download for everyone.