About Eurofurence


The Eurofurence Photography department takes care of all official con photography that is directly related to the attendees:

Historically, the Daily-EF has their own photographers as well as several department internal photography that might be required. Our responsibilities are directly connected with the convention attendees and involve post-processing of the images we take after EF is over. Thus - by definition - pictures that are needed during the convention are not part of our responsibilities.

Our department consists of photographers and assistants.

The photographers:

The assistants:

Both duties involve keeping to a schedule that will be discussed and up for fine tuning within the team as soon as the EF timetable is available, so usually nobody has to miss out on "must go" events.

The fursuit photo shoot might be amongst the more stressful tasks that EF has to offer, but the chance to meet lots of suiters up close and personal makes for a good reward. Also, we try to minimize the hours per day by using enough people to divide the workload.

If you are interested in helping out, contact Atkelar or ShortyDragon, using photo@eurofurence.org before the convention.

There are a few prerequisites for helping:

We might need a few helping hands during setup and tear down of the photo shoot location and the group photo spot that are able to carry some delicate equipment when directed to do so.

For actual team members...

...the photographers need to:

...the assistants need to: