About Eurofurence

Website Team

Once the convention is over, all packed up and stored and many exhausted departments go into well earned hibernation for a few months, that’s when the Eurofurence website team powers up. Our mission is to make a website, and make it good.

The way to that website is, of course, riddled with many time-consuming and complicated tasks. Over the course of just six months, our team of specialized designers, artists, writers, and programmers create a design based on the next con’s theme. The theme is reflected in all matters of the website: even function follows design. An artist is on board to create a visual art piece to first introduce the new theme to both public and staff. The team then updates and layouts all content, molding everything into code that follows the newest standards and will run on all combinations of screens, devices, operating systems and configurations possible. The website team ensures the EF website is accessible to all and breathes the spirit of the theme!

Once the website is done, we don’t exactly sit back and relax. Throughout the year we provide updates to the website as they come in, ensuring any and all information is always up to date.

Of course, we’re only human, so should we have missed anything or if you’re having any trouble accessing the website, feel free to drop us a note via web@eurofurence.org and we’ll get back to you!