General Information

Group Photo

Show the world that you were here! Everybody join in to form the largest (European) crowd of furries (and friends)!

Don't miss out on the chance of your lifetime! We put the group picture directly after the opening ceremony to streamline the process as much as possible: When the opening ends, security will guide you to the group picture!

IMPORTANT: Be there when the time slot starts! We will start the lineup, close off entry a few minutes afterwards and are going to take the picture as soon as everybody is lined up; which should be some minutes after the official starting time! We therefore cannot give a precise "shot time" and if you are not there when the event starts, you might not get in! We should be finished well before the announced ending time, so upcoming events should be easy to reach for everybody!

You can wear your human clothes or your fursuit at your own discretion, nude humans however will be dealt with by our trusted security members! The code of conduct applies here like with any public event!

The exact number of participants will be announced after the con, when we had time to count!