About Eurofurence


The Conbook department is in charge of creating a booklet which contains helpful advice, introduces our Charity and Guest of Honor, our program and various beautiful art and interesting content. It is made to fit the theme of each year. One of the most important tasks is inter-department communication and putting information from various sources together. Further tasks are:

Main motivation to be in the Conbook department are the lovely team members who are all very passionate about pretty design. Everyone knows the phrase "No one ever reads the Conbook"... now we have the vain idea to change a few people's minds by trying our best every year anew

We are always looking for people who are either native to the English language (AE) or very fluent at it to help proofreading the Conbook. Usually proofreading starts in the last week of July. Depending on how quick you are at reading and evaluating mistakes you should plan in at least an hour or two.

If you want to be a part of the Conbook team, then contact: Snow-wolf via conbook@eurofurence.org.