About Eurofurence

IT Team

A lot of hard-working, dedicated people make Eurofurence what it is: a great event full of creativity, color, fur, stage shows and inpromptu-fursuit artists. Behind the scenes, this requires a lot of planning, preparation, coordination and general "making the magic work". Thus there's barely a spot where IT systems don't play a role in the background. While, traditionally, each department builds and operates their own system tailored to their specific needs, more structure and knowledge has become vital over the years.

The Eurofurence IT department fills this role of a central coordinator and service team for every department that needs IT services before, during or after EF. Among those are the operation of the EF server, which hosts our website including the Daily EF archives, forums, a multitude of internal systems like wiki, etherpad, kanboard, otrs and so on. We help to coordinate the main registration system for EF, for fursuit badges, art show and dealers den. New systems are installed or custom-crafted for special purposes, like an electronic "stage rider" for stage events.

On-site we coordinate with the Estrel IT to get the internet connectivity working; for instance, this included last year's live-stream of our "big party" to the outside, running the IT infrastructure like DHCP/DNS, provide hardware (PCs, scanners, switches, etc.) for departments which don't have their own and run our staff wifi.

The most visible part for attendees is our very own "Eurofurence app". It's completely custom-built by us, with a high-performance cloud backend and native on iOS, Android and even Windows Phone. Close cooperation between departments is needed here to get all information from event programming, dealers enlistings, general information and more into the app.

Since our work is so specialized and diverse, we don't usually have open job postings. However, if you're good at IT maintenance, administration and especially programming and would like to help primarily outside the actual convention days, feel free to contact Zefiro. You might soon become part of a ninja team dedicated to keep things running.

If you want to be a part of the IT team, contact Zefiro via mail or Telegram.

it@eurofurence.org @ZefiroDragon