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Security Service

Calling ourselves the "Eurofurence Security Crew", we as a Department of about 75 furries, not few of them professionals in fields like EMS (Emergency Medical Service), the Fire Department or the Police, see the safety and enjoyment of all convention attendees as our ultimate goal. While being responsible as well for security relevant aspects during the Convention preparation, as for security operations during the running Convention, most of you will normally not see or hear much of us, unless it becomes really necessary.

Prior to a Convention, or rather in between two of them, several administrative tasks in preparation fall into our business. These tasks vary from authoring a legal safety concept together with the Eurofurence Paramedic Crew and local safety authorities to advising and supporting other Department directors in regards to fire and safety regulations. During the convention our Security and Paramedic Crew ensures health and safety of all our attendees, while silently enforcing the rules. Those rules are not limited to the RoC (Rules of Conduct) but include venue policies, fire safety, legal regulations, laws and many more. Furthermore we setup and run checkpoints on key areas such as the Art Show or the Campfire.

In all of our work, we strive to hold up our fundamental rules:

The Security Crew is led by the Chief of Security Dhary Montecore and the the vice directors Treyfane Dingo, KittehBit and Venture. Together they form the Security Board and are responsible for the organization in advance and hold the final OnSite authority in security matters. Especially qualified Group Leaders manage dedicated Security Groups for their assigned areas such as the Art Show.

The tactical management on site is carried out 24/7 by a dispatcher, a shift supervisor and an on-duty member of the Security Board. Dispatch also ensures a permanent and direct point of contact for all staff, the hotel and (via dedicated phone lines or exclusive Eurofurence call boxes) all attendees. Check-in of dangerous items and on site volunteer recruitment is handled by the shift supervisor in the OnSite security office. Incident coordination is also the responsibility of the dispatcher, which they carry out following a clear catalog of procedures and an internal alert and response order. The dispatcher is the information and communication backbone for the entire Security Crew.

Members of the Security Crew are selected for reliability, distinctive social skills, calm demeanour and experience gathered at previous conventions. Their application requirements are the strictest but in return the crew has great team spirit. Ensuring the quality of security service in an environment as dynamic and demanding as a furry convention requires extensive communication skills. The Security Crew is currently able to communicate in more than twelve different languages without external personnel.

Security support can be requested from the dispatcher by any Staff Member, telephone (+49 3222 2133812), through any of our CallBoxes (found in various areas of the hotel) or in person in the security office at all times during the convention. Of course female officers are available as well as private meeting rooms for confidential talks.

In case of any questions before or during the convention, the Security Board will gladly be there to support you. If any advice or assistance regarding security or safety for an event or panel is needed, feel free to contact the Security Board at security@eurofurence.org.

We are constantly open for applications for new Security Crew Members! If you want to contribute in the biggest Team at Eurofurence, feel free to contact us at security_hr@eurofurence.org.

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