About Eurofurence


Programming at Eurofurence is primarily about putting together the convention schedule. What sounds easy at first gets more interesting and complex if you understand that it's about coordinating the departments of Eurofurence and attendee panels with their induvial timetables and requirements for resources and rooms.

That means over 500 hours of scheduled event time in up to 18 parallel events distributed over the whole convention space, and the numbers are growing! While planning this, it's important to take into account what kind of events are running in parallel and allow enough time before and after them. Keeping an eye on the available resources like sound systems and projectors or even people able to operate them add up to it.

Most of our work is done the moment the con starts, but to guarantee a smooth con experience we work closely with Con-Ops and Security while the convention is running. On-site programming is keeping track of the schedule and re-schedules time or location if necessary. We try our best to keep the attendees informed of possible changes and delays by announcing these via our screens, twitter, telegram and the ef-app. To archive that we constantly check back with the other departments too. We also use these channels to pass news from our departments to our attendees.

Communication is a key. Not only internal, but primarily with interested parties outside. The job demands an organisational talent with an eye for details without losing track of the big picture.

If you want to be a part of the Programming team, then contact: Akulatraxas via events@eurofurence.org.