Fursuit Group Photo

Help us create magic! Take part in the (hopefully) largest fursuit group picture of Europe!

We would like to invite you to join our lineup of what is the largest fursuit gathering in Europe! This is the opportunity to be part of the crowd and still get seen afterwards! Please note that we are doing a FURSUIT picture here, the ground rule being: no blank human skin! Not even worn as a war trophy! Half-Suits are OK if the clothing covers your human features. Kigus are OK if they can count as clothing for a half suit at least. We have a Photoshop license and know how to use it, so if you sneak in without a fursuit, you only succeed in annoying us.

Like the regular group photo, we shall start lining up everybody as soon as possible; we will block entrance to the area a few minutes after the official start time and once the lineup has completed, we will take the picture. A precise "shot" time can not be announced up front, but it will be over well within the announced half hour! Water carriers and fan service will be available!

The precise number of suiters in the picture will be announced after the convention, when we had time to count!